"Honor Your Dream, Live With Purpose"
Motivational Speaker | Mentoring Consultant | Business Development Manager | Engineer
'B. Rice'
Brian K.Rice
"Living to Inspire"
'B. Rice'
"If I can help you, I WILL. If I can motivate you, I WILL.
If I can encourage you, I WILL. If I can make a positive
difference in your life, I WILL. Failure is not an option"
Common Programs, Workshops, and Speaking Topics:
"Never lose sight of where you are going in
life and always believe in yourself"
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B. Rice Speaking Clips:
Brian Rice speaks to young ladies at Center
Point High School about the importance of
modeling successful women and removing
anyone in their circle that may hinder their
true goals in life.
B. Rice Professional Speaking Services:
K-12 Presentations:
Classroom, College & Life Expectations
College Presentations:
From Course Work to Job Offer
  • 60 min, 90 min, & 2 hour
    presentations from student
    retention concerns to employment
    readiness for seniors and graduate
    school students
  • The importance of balancing social
    life and course work
  • the importance of developing
    employable skills, seeking work
    experience, career fair prep,
    resume prep, mock interviews, job
    searching tips,
  • custom workshops for specific
    majors and associated careers,
  • 45 min or 90 min Career Exposure
  • College prep, ACT/SAT prep
  • The importance of learning, the
    importance of reading, study
    habits, the downside to cheating
  • The importance of character,
    responsible manhood, traits of
    successful men/women, self
  • Life expectations, life after high
Brian Rice moderates panel at Alabama
A&M University, School of Engineering and
Technology.Brian speaks about resume tips,
job searching tips, personal branding,
G.P.A. and more